transfers, transferring, transferred
(The verb is pronounced [[t]trænsfɜ͟ː(r)[/t]]. The noun is pronounced [[t]træ̱nsfɜː(r)[/t]].)
1) V-ERG If you transfer something or someone from one place to another, or they transfer from one place to another, they go from the first place to the second.

[V n from/to n] Remove the wafers with a spoon and transfer them to a plate...

[V n from/to n] He was transferred from Weston Hospital to Frenchay...

[V n from/to n] He wants to transfer some money to the account of his daughter...

[V from/to n] The person can transfer from wheelchair to seat with relative ease.

N-VAR: oft N of n
Transfer is also a noun.

Arrange for the transfer of medical records to your new doctor... The bank reserves the right to reverse any transfers or payments.

2) V-ERG If something is transferred, or transfers, from one person or group of people to another, the second person or group gets it instead of the first.

[V n from/to n] I realized she'd transferred all her love from me to you...

[V n from/to n] The chances of the disease being transferred to humans is extremely remote...

[V from/to n] On 1 December the presidency of the Security Council automatically transfers from the US to Yemen.

N-VAR: usu N of n
Transfer is also a noun.

...the transfer of power from the old to the new regimes.

3) N-VAR: supp N, N of n Technology transfer is the process or act by which a country or organization which has developed new technology enables another country or organization to use the technology.

The Philippines needs capital and technology transfer...

There will be a transfer of technology from this country to Mongolia.

4) V-ERG In professional sports, for example football, soccer, or baseball, if a player transfers or is transferred from one club to another, they leave one club and begin playing for another. [BRIT]

[V from/to n] ...Nick Barmby who transferred from Spurs to Middlesbrough...

[be V-ed from/to n] He was transferred from Crystal Palace to Arsenal for ₤2.5 million. [Also V n from/to n]

Transfer is also a noun.

...Gascoigne's transfer to the Italian club, Lazio.

(in AM, use trade)
5) V-ERG If you are transferred, or if you transfer, to a different job or place, you move to a different job or start working in a different place.

[be V-ed from/to n] I was transferred to the book department...

[be V-ed] Many personnel departments began to take charge of deciding who should be transferred...

[V from/to n] Anton was able to transfer from Lavine's to an American company. [Also V n, V n from/to n]

N-VAR: oft N to n
Transfer is also a noun.

They will be offered transfers to other locations.

6) VERB When information is transferred onto a different medium, it is copied from one medium to another.

[be V-ed onto/to n] Such information is easily transferred onto microfilm.

[V n onto/to n] to create film-quality computer effects and then transfer them to film.

N-UNCOUNT: usu with supp, N of n, n N
Transfer is also a noun.

It can be connected to a PC for the transfer of information. transfer.

7) VERB When property or land is transferred, it stops being owned by one person or institution and becomes owned by another. [LEGAL]

[V n from/to n] He has already transferred ownership of most of the works to a British foundation...

[be V-ed] Certain kinds of property are transferred automatically at death. [Also V n]

N-VAR: oft N of n
Transfer is also a noun. outright transfer of property.

8) V-ERG If you transfer or are transferred when you are on a journey, you change from one vehicle to another.

[V from/to n] He likes to transfer from the bus to the Blue Line at 103rd Street in Watts...

[be V-ed from/to n] 1,654 passengers were transferred at sea to a Norwegian cruise ship.

9) N-COUNT Transfers are pieces of paper with a design on one side. The design can be transferred by heat or pressure onto material, paper, or china for decoration. letter transfers.

10) N-COUNT A transfer is a ticket that you get when you leave a bus or train that allows you to go on a different bus or train without paying again.

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